Best Aquascaping Tools Every Aquarist Should Use

Aquascaping, as you may know, is the art of a visually beautiful arrangement of aquatic plants, rocks, stones, and driftwood. Simply put, it’s a type of underwater gardening.

However, without the correct equipment, creating these incredible underwater vistas is quite tough. We’ll show you which ones to utilize in our Best Aquascaping Tools article.

It comes in a number of forms, including Dutch, Japanese, Iwagumi, Natural, and Jungle, and usually incorporates both fish and plants.

Best Aquascaping Tools Every Aquarist Should Use
Best Aquascaping Tools

Aquascaping is not only attractive to the eye, but it also enriches the lives of the fish in your aquarium. Plants filter water and collect particulate matter. As well as collecting carbon dioxide created by the residents of your aquarium.

Plants, in turn, give out oxygen for your fish to breathe as a thank you. Once the fish waste has decomposed, they use it to fertilize themselves. While having plants is usually a nice thing and can help you reduce the amount of care you have to perform, it cannot fully eliminate the need for it.

Best Five Aquascaping Tools

You will need the assistance of various items to do maintenance on an aquascaped aquarium. We’ve compiled a list of the top five that you’ll find most beneficial in keeping your aquascaping in tip-top shape.

1. Tongs

Tongs are an excellent tool for planting new aquatic shrubs and retrieving small items from your aquarium. They usually have a long length or may be extended to fit deeper aquariums.

Best Aquascaping Tools

Most aquascaping tongs are constructed of stainless steel to prevent rust. They’re also available in lighter-weight plastic. However, keep in mind that plastic is not as durable as stainless steel and may shatter if used for anything other than minor activities.

Some tongs also include a cutting tool, which can help you save money if you’re on a budget. However, we urge that you purchase some scissors (described below) to ensure that you have the appropriate sizes.

Tongs for aquascaping range in price from $8 to $30.

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2. Scissors

Scissors can be used to cut off any dead plant leaves or stray branches that need to be removed. They are available with a curved or straight blade. There are several brands to choose from, with lengths ranging from 6 to 24 inches.

Best Aquascaping Tools

Aquascaping scissors are typically composed of stainless steel and are precision cut. It is not suggested that they be used with anything other than aquatic plants. Using them to cut other materials will dull the scissor blades, resulting in plant damage and possibly death.

Aquascaping scissors are extremely sharp and should only be used by young aquarists under the supervision of an adult. Scissors can also be purchased as part of an aquascaping kit, although this will limit the size options available to you.

Aquascaping scissors start at roughly $8 and go up to $80.

3. Gloves

At the very least, investing in a pair of aquascaping gloves will save your arm or shirt sleeve from becoming wet – especially in larger tanks. They do, however, serve a more essential purpose in providing safety.

Best Aquascaping Tools

Aquascaping gloves can keep you safe from illnesses spread by aquarium water. That’s not to mention safeguarding your skin from ferocious locals’ bites. In the other direction, it can protect your aquarium from any contaminants on your skin. It might be as basic as the perfumes in your soap or the substances in the skin meds you’re using.

Gloves for aquascaping range in length from 20 to 28 inches. They’re designed to fit everyone and are usually allergen-free. These can cost anything from $5 to $25.

4. Algae Scraper

Algae is an annoyance in any aquarium, not just those with aquascapes. As a result, numerous manufacturers have developed specialized products designed expressly to deal with this pest throughout time!

Algae Scraper
Best Aquascaping Tools

In general, there are two types of algae scrapers. One has a magnet and the other has an extensible grip. Both of these are suitable for any aquarium size and will simply remove any algae. Simply scrape the algae from the glass using the algae scraper. Large build-ups may fall into your tank, but a syphon may easily remove them.

An algae scraper will cost anything from $5 to $30.

5. Siphons

A siphon, like an algae scraper, is a must-have for any aquarium. They help with water changes by removing uneaten food, as well as fish and plant waste. There are many different types and sizes to pick from, but just two have proven to be extremely popular.

Best Aquascaping Tools

A simple flexible tube with a nozzle is the most common siphon option. Submerge this in your aquarium until the tubing is free of bubbles. Then you put one end in a bucket and the other in the aquarium’s bottom.

 The water, together with any waste, then pours out until you stop it by lifting out the end of the aquarium.

The second siphon option connects to your sink’s water faucet. They contain a switch that allows you to choose between siphoning or filling your tank. Moreover, the water flow can be adjusted. 

Although not every hookup siphon will fit every faucet, adapters can be purchased separately. These are the simplest and fastest way to make water changes and clean, but they are also the most expensive.

Prices for siphons range from roughly $10 for a basic product to upwards of $40 for a hookup.

Complete Aquascaping Tool Kit

You could simply get a complete Aquascaping Tool Kit, which will provide you with all of the specialized tools you want while also saving you money.


  • 5 in 1 Aquarium Tools Kits -Straight scissors, curved scissors, straight tweezers, bent tweezers, and substrate spatula are included in this professional aquarium plant fish tank equipment set. Suitable for water plants that are small or thin.
  • Superior Stainless Steel Material – Aquatic plant kits are constructed of high-quality stainless steel that is both flexible and resistant to rust and corrosion. Warm recommendations: please rinse and dry them after each usage to ensure that they last longer.
  • Anti-slip and ergonomic design – Serrated tips on both the straight and curved tweezers assist grasp items tightly without slipping. The ergonomic design gives your fingers a comfortable grip and makes precision plant pruning and upkeep a breeze.
  • Aquascaping Tools with Multiple Functions – These tools are ideal for pruning and removing wilted or dying aquatic plants. All varieties of aquarium plants, substrate, gravel, and ornaments can be used.
  • Aquarium Starter Kits – It is the finest utensil for individuals who are experienced water plant cultivators caring for young aquarium plants. It won’t harm the plant’s cross-section, effectively minimizing the number of plants that have been damaged as a result of false pruning, making your aquarium life easier.
Aquascaping Tool Kit
Best Aquascaping Tools

There are surely a variety of other products available to assist with aquascaping. Many of them, however, are unnecessary and are simply extra fees that you may not be able to pay.

The five items we’ve listed are truly the only ones you’ll need to create excellent aquascaping. Apart from fish, décor, and plants, of course, of which there are enough to select from!

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