12 Types of Saltwater Starfish for Aquariums

Types of Saltwater Starfish for Aquariums F

A starfish is a must-have for any saltwater aquarium. Fish are visually appealing and assist in keeping the aquarium clean. There are numerous breeds to choose from, each with its color scheme and set of requirements.  Matching a starfish to your surroundings is as simple as comparing a few characteristics to ensure that your Starfish … Read more

How Long Do Mollies Live? Ideal Tank Conditions, Tank Mates, And Diet

Mollies fish f scaled

One of the most well-known and popular freshwater fish species is the Molly. Even if you are new to fish keeping, you have probably seen or heard of this fish.  In this post, we’ll go through the basics of this species and answer the age-old question of how long do mollies live. Mollies live for roughly … Read more

Rainbow Shark: Diet | Size | Breeding | Cost

Rainbow Shark f

If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Rainbow Shark (epalzeorhynchos frenatus) is how it came to share a name with a terrible deep-sea predator. What about the second? What is the best way to care for these magnificent creatures, and where can you find one? First … Read more

How Long Can Fish Live Without Food?

How Long Can Fish Live Without Food

How long can fish live without food? Oooh, the sixty-four million dollar question. Is it possible for you to leave them for a few weeks while you go on vacation? Is it possible for you to leave fish for the weekend? Or do they require nourishment daily to maintain their health? Let’s see what we can … Read more

Best Aquascaping Tools Every Aquarist Should Use

Aquascaping Tools f

Aquascaping, as you may know, is the art of a visually beautiful arrangement of aquatic plants, rocks, stones, and driftwood. Simply put, it’s a type of underwater gardening. However, without the correct equipment, creating these incredible underwater vistas is quite tough. We’ll show you which ones to utilize in our Best Aquascaping Tools article. It … Read more

11 Best Plants for Betta Fish

Best Plants for Betta fish f

Best Plants for Betta fish.If you’re putting up a tank for your new betta fish, this is a question you’ll be asking. Did you know that betta fish love all kinds of plants? They certainly do! Thick planting gives a safe haven for your betta, flat-leaved plants make a hammock for your pet to relax … Read more

How To Increase Oxygen In a Fish Tank?


How To Increase Oxygen In a Fish Tank?When it comes to aquariums, oxygen is one of those things that we know we need but often overlook due to its invisibility. That is until there isn’t enough oxygen in our tanks, at which point we start thinking about it and looking for ways to boost it. … Read more