How Long Can Fish Live Without Food?

How long can fish live without food? Oooh, the sixty-four million dollar question. Is it possible for you to leave them for a few weeks while you go on vacation? Is it possible for you to leave fish for the weekend? Or do they require nourishment daily to maintain their health? Let’s see what we can … Read more

Best Aquascaping Tools Every Aquarist Should Use

Aquascaping, as you may know, is the art of a visually beautiful arrangement of aquatic plants, rocks, stones, and driftwood. Simply put, it’s a type of underwater gardening. However, without the correct equipment, creating these incredible underwater vistas is quite tough. We’ll show you which ones to utilize in our Best Aquascaping Tools article. It … Read more

11 Best Plants for Betta Fish

Best Plants for Betta fish.If you’re putting up a tank for your new betta fish, this is a question you’ll be asking. Did you know that betta fish love all kinds of plants? They certainly do! Thick planting gives a safe haven for your betta, flat-leaved plants make a hammock for your pet to relax … Read more

How To Increase Oxygen In a Fish Tank?

How To Increase Oxygen In a Fish Tank?When it comes to aquariums, oxygen is one of those things that we know we need but often overlook due to its invisibility. That is until there isn’t enough oxygen in our tanks, at which point we start thinking about it and looking for ways to boost it. … Read more

Best Fish Food Alternatives you can Feed Goldfish

Nutrition is one of the most essential aspects of keeping goldfish healthy. Everyone is aware that goldfish eat fish food. But what if you run out of fish food for your Goldfish? If you’re wondering what else you can feed your Goldfish besides fish food, you’ve reached the right place. I’ll demonstrate you some good fish … Read more

What Do Angelfish Eat (Best Food For Faster Growth)

Angelfish is a freshwater fish genus in the Cichlidae family. The Angelfish is native to the Amazon Basin, the Orinoco Basin, and a number of other rivers in tropical South America. Angelfish have round bodies that are laterally compressed, with elongated triangular dorsal and anal fins. Because of their elongated and thin body shape, these … Read more

14 Best Fast Growing Aquarium Plants without CO2

If you’re looking for the best fast-growing plants that don’t require CO2, you’ve come to the right place. All the plants in this article can easily grow pretty fast without CO2. CO2 simply accelerates their growth. So, if you want to accelerate the growth of these plants, you can supplement them with CO2. Plant growth … Read more

How Long Do Goldfish Sleep? (What To Do If It’s Sleeping a lot)

Goldfish are a popular type of fish among both new and experienced fish hobbyists and breeders. They are widely available in pet stores at reasonable prices and are simple to care for in an aquarium. Goldfish have bright colors and gleaming skin. Crossbreeding has resulted in many more incredibly interesting varieties of goldfish over the … Read more